Cycling the Route

Cycling the Route

The John Muir Way makes a fantastic cycle route usually taking about 4 or 5 days, depending on your temptation to linger and explore.

It's intended to provide a pleasant, and sometimes challenging cycle through the countryside, not – like many traditional cycle routes – an efficient way from A to B on a bike.

What type of bike should I use?

We strongly recommend using a mountain, hybrid or very sturdy touring bike with puncture proof tyres. 

In some places there are short steep and rough sections, and individual obstacles like kerb edges and tight corners, which will be challenging if you have a heavily-laden touring bike.  The surfaces and gradient, or simply the presence of pedestrians, may at times mean that cyclists have to push.

Unavoidably, some short sections are on busier roads which aren't so suitable for the less experienced.

Cycling Braids

In some places there are cycling 'braids', shown separately on the interactive map. 

These usually provide smoother and flatter options to the main route which may be steep and bumpy.  The braids are especially suited to touring bikes with panniers. In some places, such as on the Antonine Wall, the braids are there to discourage cycling on a particularly vulnerable surface.

If you'd like a leisurely cycle, try hiring an electric bike and cruise along the route.

Following the signs

The John Muir Way is signed in both directions. At braid junctions there will be separate signs for both walkers and cyclists.  The sign below, with a bike and W, would be for cyclists heading west.


In some places the John Muir Way logo is incorporated into other signs such as the Sustrans NCN signs.  These can be harder to spot when travelling at speed on a bike!



Repairs and Spares

There are numerous bike shops along the length of the route which we've listed on the section pages:

  • Helensburgh
  • Kirkintilloch
  • Falkirk town centre
  • Linlithgow
  • Edinburgh - Bruntsfield area
  • Musselburgh
  • North Berwick
  • Dunbar



Hiring a bike

If you'd like to hire a bike then try contacting Belhaven bikes in Dunbar:

tel. 01368 860300


They are able to offer advice and can also provide a one way bike hire, although you will need to call and discuss this with them. Belhaven Bikes also has electric bikes available to hire. 





Bikes and public transport

Experience tells us that spaces for bikes on trains, especially from Dunbar to Edinburgh can be limited so it is best to book ahead and travel off peak to guarantee your space.